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Justice Teaching

Wayne+Hogan+StudentsAbout the Program

We are proud to partic­ipate in the statewide Justice Teaching Initiative. The program pairs legal profes­sionals with local elementary, middle and high school students to educate them about their consti­tu­tional rights and the American justice system.

How It Was Created

Justice Teaching was created by then Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice R. Fred Lewis in response to state and national surveys that suggested Americans know little about the operation the American justice system and the basic principles behind our country’s consti­tu­tional insti­tu­tions and struc­tures.

The Presentation

Our Justice Teaching presen­tation includes an engaging inter­active discussion and role playing exercise designed to teach kids about the impor­tance of the Bill of Rights. The goal is to give them an appre­ci­ation of our democracy and expose them to the legal profession. The class lasts an hour. To request a presen­tation call (904) 722‑2228 or email speakersbureau@terrellhogan.com