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What They’re Saying

What people are saying about our Distracted Driving Awareness Presentations:

After your presen­tation, some of our members have changed their phone habits when driving, but it’s still a work in progress. We can all do better! Thank you Wayne!”

Priscilla Greene, Program Chair
Rotary Club South­point

Enjoyed your speech, very scary how distracted people drive. Your speech can literally save lives! ”

Colby Caltrider, D.C.
Integrative Healthcare Solutions

The impor­tance of dimin­ishing distracted driving in an effort to keep our roads more safe cannot be over empha­sized. This past year I asked the law firm of Terrell Hogan Ellis Yegelwel, P.A. to speak to my staff at Comfort Keepers about distracted driving. The program was so impactful that I later asked them to come and speak to a women’s small business organi­zation I belong to. This community service of teaching employers and their staff the impor­tance of not using their cell phone while driving is extremely valuable and far reaching as I am confident those who heard the message went home and shared it with their family members and friends. I can’t thank the firm enough for offering this infor­mative presen­tation to employers, schools, churches and organi­za­tions and for helping each of us to be more respon­sible and careful on the roads.”


  Kathryn Murphy RN
Comfort Keepers / Owner

St. Johns Country Day School is pleased to have the Terrell Hogan law firm offer such a valuable community resource to our students. Leslie Goller’s presen­tation informs the students of the dangers of distracted driving, and holds their attention through real-life video clips. We hope to continue to have Leslie join us at St. Johns on a semi-annual basis to keep the important conver­sation going about safe driving.

Ann Korahais, LMHC
Director of Student Counseling and Guidance Services
St. Johns Country Day School

I want to thank you for the distracted driver training you gave today at our agency.

I appre­ciate you making this important infor­mation available in the community. You may have saved a life today.


Barbara Carr
Lutheran Social Services

I am writing to thank you, and your staff, for coming to our Staff Meeting on March 1, 2013 to share important infor­mation on the dangers of Distracted Driving.

We have a very young profes­sional staff that spends a lot of time in their cars. They have grown up being attached to their mobile devices. I believe the facts and examples that you provided regarding the dangers of Distracted Driving will help modify some of their bad behaviors.

Thank you again Wayne.

J.B. Owens
North Florida Council, Boy Scouts of America, Inc.

I wanted to send a quick note of thanks to Mr. Hogan and you for working with SAHS to present the Distracted Driving message to our seniors. Every reminder we can provide our youth certainly is worth the effort!

The presen­tation, discus­sions and videos sent a clear message of what options are available to avoid such tragedies.

A huge THANK YOU to the Terrell Hogan Law firm and Mr. Hogan for their dedication to the Yellow Jacket family!

George Mastoridis
SAHS Assistant Principal

Thanks for your presen­tation on Distracted Driving to the staff of Clay Behav­ioral Health Center. You truly got and kept people’s attention. The infor­mation was educa­tional and enlight­ening and I can tell by the conver­sa­tions that I’ve heard since then, that folks are making the commitment to put down the phones and drive. As so many of our staff are providing services in the community, travel is a big part of their job. We recognize that staying connected is important but we are now stressing that staying safe is more important.

Thanks again for taking the time to offer this terrific community service.

Irene M. Toto
Clay Behav­ioral Health Center

Thank you so very much for giving your presen­tation on distracted driving at the Sulzbacher Center. Your discussion on your own personal experience with distracted driving and the various examples of distracted driving really made a difference in how our organi­zation will move forward in imple­menting a distracted driving policy.

Sulzbacher Center Staff

The presen­tation was incredibly meaningful and Mr. Hogan did a fantastic job. Such a relevant training for our staff, both as profes­sionals, but also as drivers themselves and in many cases, parents of teen drivers.

Doug Standard, Daniel Foundation

Several people said they will not use their hands free devices will driving after your Distracted Driving presen­tation. Wayne was fabulous with the facts. I can not appre­ciate you more for what you are doing, this effort has already in my opinion saved lives. Thank you.

Evelyn Coney, Neigh­borhood Team Community Action

We are especially grateful to Leslie A. Goller for bringing Wayne Hogan and The Distracted Driving:  “one text or call could wreck it all.” Campaign to DWIN.

Since Wayne Hogan spoke to us about distracted driving, more of us are driving apart from our cellphones.  For example, following Wayne’s model, Evelyn Coney and I recorded the voice message that “we are driving…” on our cellphones with sobering comments like I hear you…from family and friends who call.  I also put my phone in the trunk. That really works.  So, we really got terrif­i­cally, useable infor­mation  in the distracted driving workshop.  Your gifts will likewise become tangible reminders to help end this epidemic of driving mindlessly.  Thank YOU.

Ingrid Fluellen, President
Democ­ratic Women’s Infor­mation Network

Thank you for taking the time out to speak to our staff about the dangers of being distracted at the wheel. We appre­ciate your passion in this growing issue and for taking a stand to speak out against reckless drivers. We know that your presen­tation will definitely have our staff think twice before they pick up their phones to make or answer calls and text messages. We will continue to encourage both our staff and volun­teers of the policies already in place here at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Florida regarding the use of phones in their vehicles.

For 100 years, BBBSNEFL has provided quality mentors to deserving students in Duval and surrounding counties, supported our commu­nities through community service projects and enriched students ’ academic learning experience. Our program outcomes and successes have proven that mentoring positively affects student behavior, school atten­dance, and academic success.

Thank you for supporting our mission of providing children facing adversity with strong and enduring profes­sionally supported one to one relation­ships that change their lives for the better, forever.

Warren Grimes, CEO
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Florida

Thank you so much for informing the employee’s at Hope-Haven about Distracted Driving. I really heard your message and I want you to know that every day for several years my best friend in Maryland and I talk every morning on my way to work using my cell phone and I always “told myself” because it was “hands free” it was ok. After hearing you speak, I discussed with my friend and we will find another way to talk when I am not driving because I learned how VERY unsafe driving while on the phone can be.

You made a difference!

Thank you

Jan Ward, Job Developer
Hope-Haven Childrens Clinic