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Distracted Driving Articles

Distracted Driving is Still a Serious Problem
iPhone’s New Feature: Please Do Not Disturb, I’m Driving
New Car Technology and Distracted Driving
We Are All Working for You!
Make Distracted Driving Obsolete
Apple Feature to Help Stop Distracted Driving
Florida’s Behind-The-Times Distracted Driving Laws
Wayne Hogan Guest Speaker at Chamber of Commerce Joint Luncheon
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Pokémon GO Distracted Walking Injuries
Please Sign the Petition for Social Media Companies to Discourage Distracted Driving
Wayne Hogan Supports MADD’s Law Enforcement Recog­nition
First Coast Connect: April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month
Distracted Driving is Everyone’s Problem
Terrell Hogan Offers Free Distracted Driving Presen­ta­tions
Distracted Driving Message Shared with Mayport Naval Station’s HSM-60 Squadron
Wayne Hogan Shares Distracted Driving Message with Business Group
Distracted Driving Presen­tation Available For Employers
Top 8 Videos That Prove: One Text Or Call Can Wreck It All
Leslie Goller Speaks to WBO About Distracted Driving
One Text or Call Can Wreck it All
App Disables Texting, but Is It Enough?
Study Show Young, Female, and Solo Are Prime Charac­ter­istics of Drivers Using Cell Phone
Wayne Hogan Helps City of Jacksonville Curb Distracted Driving
Distracted Driving Deaths Down, Still Much Work to Do
New Technology Can Wreck Your Car and Your Life
End Distracted Driving
New AAA Study confirms Hands-Free Calling is Just as Dangerous as Hand-Held Phone Calls and Texts
Sadly, Adults Do Most Distracted Driving
Distracted Driving Is Not for April Fools
Patacca Discusses Motor­cycle Safety on First Coast Connect
Staying Safe on the Road
Florida Texting Law Not Effective and Needs Improvement
A Wise and Easy New Year’s Resolution – Don’t Text and Drive
Florida’s New Law Banning Texting Goes Into Effect October 1st
“Youth Explosion” Event a Success
A Text or Call To A Driver Who Causes an Accident Can Mean Liability. For the Driver? Yes; but also the Texter/Caller
Red Lights, Cameras and Dangerous Jacksonville Inter­sec­tions
Hogan Brings Distracted Driving Message to Northside
Digital Billboards: Rotating Near You?
New Car Technologies: Seductive but Hidden Dangers