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In the U.S., generic drugs dominate our medicine cabinets. Indeed, 80% all prescrip­tions written are filled with generic versions of the brand name drugs prescribed, which saves Americans more than $200 billion annually. But there are no guaranties that generics are as safe or effective as their name brand counter­parts. By law, generics are required […]

Specific lots of insulin cartridges used with the t:slim Insulin Pump have been recalled because the cartridges are at risk for leaking, causing the delivery of too much or too little insulin, a serious life-threat­ening event. Consumers should discon­tinue using insulin cartridges labeled with the affected lots. The affected insulin cartridges were shipped on or […]

By Wayne Hogan and Christopher Shakib Today, when generic drugs turn out to be dangerous, injustice governs the legal rights of patients when personal injury or wrongful death occur whether that is in Jacksonville or anywhere else in the United States. The Food and Drug Admin­is­tration (FDA) has announced its intent to restore the legal […]

By Wayne Hogan and Chris Shakib Recently, the country’s leading cardio­vas­cular associ­a­tions recom­mended new guideline for statins, a class of choles­terol lowering drugs that includes Lipitor, Crestor, and Zocor. Millions of Americans take statins, but under the new guide­lines recom­mended by the American Heart Associ­ation and the American College of Cardi­ology, the number of adults […]

By: Angelo Patacca and Chris Shakib On September 23, 2013, the United States Food and Drug Admin­is­tration (FDA) issued an advisory requiring the manufac­turers of name brand and generic fentanyl pain patches to change the color of writing on the patches. From now on, the patches will be required to carry the name and strength […]

A voluntary recall of certain lots of Nova Max Glucose Test Strips has occurred.  It has been deter­mined that these strips may cause a false, abnor­mally high blood sugar level to be reported. A falsely high blood sugar level could result in an insulin dosing error (taking too much insulin) that could lead to a […]

Nearly 26 million Americans have diabetes, consumers who have been targeted by unscrupulous companies. The FDA has issued  warning letters to 15 companies, both domestic and foreign, stating that the sale of their products to treat diabetes and its compli­ca­tions violates federal law.   The below table provides the names of these companies and their dangerous […]

The Centers for Disease Control issued a report on July 2, 2013, documenting an alarming rise in deaths of women from too much pain medication.   Prescription painkillers caused the premature deaths of more than 6,000 women in 2010.  To put that in context, in the first decade of this century the rate of female deaths, […]

The FDA is warning that the antibiotic azithromycin (Zithromax), can cause a poten­tially fatal irregular heart rhythm in some patients.  The New England Journal of Medicine reported last May on the risk of cardio­vas­cular death from different antibac­terial drugs.  Azithromycin, which is made by Pfizer Inc and is also sold by generic drugmakers, had a higher […]

The FDA has issued a safety announcement regarding drugs containing Zolpidem (Ambien, Ambien CR, Edular and Zolpimist) that are used in the treatment of insomnia.  These drugs can impair driving and other activ­ities that require alertness the morning after a drug has been taken.  Women may be partic­u­larly sensitive to Zolpidem. For the complete commu­ni­cation […]

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