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Joy Purdy of WJXT inves­ti­gated bounce house safety and how wind gusts from Florida’s storms can be dangerous. She inter­viewed attorney Chris Shakib for the story. He has repre­sented consumers who were injured by inflat­ables. Wind Gust Danger To test bounce house safety when encoun­tering wind gusts, the reporter conducted an exper­iment. She used airboats […]

Little Tikes is recalling 540,000 2-in-1 Snug ‘n Secure pink toddler swings. To date there have been 140 reports of the swings breaking and 39 reports of injuries, including two children with broken arms. US Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall of of the swings.  The swings being recalled were made from November 2009 […]

Britax strollers were sold at major retailers such as Target and Babies “R” Us since 2011. Since 2011, approx­i­mately 676,000 strollers have been sold in the U.S., with an 36,400 more in Canada and 4,600 in Mexico. The problem occurs when the strollers are in the travel system mode, when the car seat component is attached […]

At Terrell Hogan, we are committed to repre­senting people who have been injured and need someone to stand up for them, to speak for them. We help them seek justice and hold accountable those whose negli­gence and wrong­doing disrupted their lives back, often causing devas­tating harm. Trial attorneys stand up to big corpo­ra­tions and hold […]

It’s a given that during this time of year many of us will be shopping for toys. Some of the most popular are difficult to find, but, when you locate a child’s dream toy, be sure to check that it’s not a dangerous fake.  If it’s very popular, count on someone trying to counterfeit it. […]

The Consumer Products Safety Commission has recalled over three million Tommee Tippee cups for mold that develops on the removable, one-piece, white valve inside the spill-proof cups when it remains wet/moist and is infre­quently cleaned. Ingesting mold can cause gastroin­testinal symptoms and infec­tions. Mayborn USA, the company who produceds Tommee Tippee cups has received over […]

Inflatable attrac­tions (i.e. “bouncy houses” and slides) have grown in popularity over the last several years, with more and more parents choosing to rent them for children’s parties. However, there are signif­icant potential dangers to consider before renting an inflatable attraction from an operator. One of the biggest safety concerns for inflat­ables is proper anchoring; […]

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (“CPSC”)  is inves­ti­gating fire dangers of hover­boards as well as the risks associated with them. The CPSC is also concerned about the risk of falls and injuries from hover­boards after receiving injury reports from hospitals. The CPSC is offering the following hover­board safety tips: • Avoid buying the product […]

For years we have been deter­mined to get the word out on toy safety, toy recalls, and how important it is that the toys you buy are safe for the children you love. The CPSC’s toy recall statistics show that since 2008 the number of toys recalled has decreased and retailers and consumers alike are more […]

Soap box derby racing is gaining popularity as a fun family event. The races, designed for children, involve wooden, motorless vehicles that resemble racing cars. The gravity powered cars are often raced on sloped residential streets that are blocked off and may reach speeds exceeding 30 miles per hour. Following safety proce­dures is essential for […]

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