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Over the years, we, at Terrell Hogan, have emphasized the dangers of defective tires to consumers and their families. And, we’ve addressed how to check your tires for safety. (Be Aware of Your Aging Tires!). Since then, our law firm has highlighted recalls of dangerous tires and defective tire valves. This has become a rerun […]

Toyota Motor Co. is recalling 420,000 cars in the U.S. because of a potential problem with the power steering. A belt for the cars’ power steering pump can become separated from a pulley, causing the power steering system to fail. If that happens, the car could suddenly become much harder to steer. 2004 Toyota Avalons […]

Automaker Mazda has joined other Japanese car manufacturers to recall nearly 90,000 vehicles sold in Japan and China because of an oil hose defect.  The company said in a Thursday statement that the recalls will target Mazda 3 or Axela model cars assembled between January 2006 and March 2009.  Most of the affected passenger cars, […]

Toyota is temporarily halting sales of the 2010 Lexus GX 460 after Consumer Reports issued a rare “Don’t Buy” warning amid concerns the large SUV has handling problems that could cause it to roll over during sharp turns.  Toyota has asked its dealers to temporarily suspend sales of the SUV while it conducts its own […]

Deadly Crash in Florida Prompts Tire Valve Recall A deadly rollover auto crash in Florida prompted a federal investigation and recall of 6 million tire valve stems after investigators alleged the accident was caused by a cracked stem, according to a report published in Lawyers USA. The recalled product was manufactured in China by Shanghai […]

Church Van Rollover Dangers: Court Orders Suit Against Ford E-350s to Proceed Many churches use 15 passenger vans for group transportation. A National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) study found that over a thousand people had been killed in rollovers of such vans by 2006. NHTSA has issued rollover risk advisories about such 15-passenger vans […]

PERSONAL INJURY PROTECTION (PIP) UPDATES I read that the Florida Legislature was considering changes to our state’s “No Fault” automobile insurance laws. What happened? Three decades ago, the Florida Legislature enacted the so-called “No Fault” automobile insurance law. That law required each Florida automobile owner to carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits to pay for […]

Just as other parts of your vehicle require regular maintenance, so do your tires.  To prevent the potentially disastrous accident that can occur as a result of tire failure, there are steps you can take to ensure you and your family are safe. – Safety experts advise that tires should be replaced after six years, regardless […]

By Natalie White Shortly after a Florida jury hit Ford Motor Co. with a $12.9 million verdict, paraplegic Tami Martin said she would give half her award back if the automobile company agrees to forgo an appeal and start warning people not to use reclining seats while driving. Ford rejected the offer, saying it will […]

Rollover crashes kill 10,000 people each year, accounting for one-third of all occupant deaths in vehicle crashes. Many deaths and injuries that stem from rollover crashes occur when the roofs of vehicles crush in, killing or paralyzing the occupants of the vehicles. In many cases when the roof crushes, the windows of the vehicle crush […]