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Medtronic has again voluntarily recalled specific lots of its infusion sets, available to patients since April 2017, used with Medtronic insulin pumps.  A component, the vent membrane, in the infusion set is defective. The defective vent membrane  is susceptible to being blocked by insulin during the priming or filling the tubing process. This can lead […]

Our firm recently celebrated Wayne Hogan receiving the American Association for Justice 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award. Our firm is like family and what matters at Terrell Hogan is that everyone here shares a passion for the mission to represent our clients as they seek justice. At Terrell, Hogan we’re surrounded by many of the brightest […]

The FDA is warning people using drug infusion pumps implanted in their bodies of the danger of and their pump failing while having a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), causing 1) potentially lethal medication dosing inaccuracies, such as over-infusion or under-infusion, or unintended bolus of medication and 2)  other mechanical problems with the pump, such as […]

By Chris Shakib and Wayne Hogan According to a report issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in March of this year, the number of medical device recalls nearly doubled between 2003 and 2012. Even more alarming was the increase in the number of Class I recalls, recalls in which the defective products […]

At Terrell Hogan, we think recall information is worth repeating to keep your family informed and safe. Defective and dangerous products can cause personal injuries and deaths and need to be taken out of use or repaired. In December, 2013 we notified consumers about the dangers from old and new tires. Dangers from New Tires […]

The OmniPod Insulin Management System has a built-in FreeStyle Blood Glucose Meter and the FreeStyle® blood glucose test strips may produce erroneously low blood glucose results. This is critical to Diabetics who as a result of inaccurate information may end up with high blood sugar and potentially coma. Symptoms of hyperglycemia, high blood sugar, may […]

Abbott’s FreeStyle and the FreeStyle Flash blood glucose meters are being recalled as when used with the FreeStyle test strips, they may produce mistakenly low blood glucose results. This is critical to Diabetics who as a result of inaccurate information may end up with high blood sugar and potentially coma. Symptoms of high blood sugar […]

A voluntary recall of certain lots of Nova Max Glucose Test Strips has occurred.  It has been determined that these strips may cause a false, abnormally high blood sugar level to be reported. A falsely high blood sugar level could result in an insulin dosing error (taking too much insulin) that could lead to a […]

Paradigm Insulin Pump users have an Urgent Medical Device Safety Notification Letter  about Infusion Sets and an Urgent Medical Device Recall Notice about Reservoirs, equipment used to operate the Paradigm insulin pump that are critically important.  The Infusion Sets and Reservoirs are medical equipment  necessary to keep diabetics alive, by administering appropriate amounts of insulin, […]

Abbott Diabetes Care, the maker of the Freestyle Insulinx blood glucose meter, has initiated a voluntary Class I recall of this meter. A Class I is the most serious type of recall, involving a reasonable probability that use of this product will cause serious adverse health consequences. These meters display and store in memory an […]

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