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Pokémon GO,” the new reality mobile game, is exploding with users since its inception. Pokémon GO makes people get outside and walk around, and although exercise is good, there are also important safety factors with this game. Players have been injured while using the app, not only when using while driving, but also when walking, […]

A Duval County jury recently awarded a 73 year-old retired physician $831,000 for injuries and damages when she tripped and fell in January 2011 in Jacksonville. She suffered a nasal fracture and a fracture to her TMJ, which required surgery, along with impaired function of her mouth and jaw with diffi­culty chewing and worsening of […]

By Wayne Hogan and Leslie Goller Terrell Hogan has been educating about the dangers of Distracted Driving. However, cell phone usage is not only dangerous when driving. It is also dangerous when walking. A new nationwide study coauthored by Professor Jack Nasar of The Ohio State University shows that the number of injuries related to […]

Recently, NBC News reported on a 2011 CPSC report about tipping furniture causing child deaths.  We would like to share that article with you here as well as our article from last year with helpful sugges­tions on making your home safe. September 30, 2011 A child is killed once every two weeks, tens of thousands […]

$1,000,000.00 Settlement for Slip & Fall at the Orange Park Mall — Michael Sharrit For Willie Tookes, an afternoon rain shower and leaky skylight turned out to be “the perfect storm.” In June 2003, Mr. Tookes was shopping at the Orange Park Mall while visiting from out of town. Carrying his shopping bags through the […]