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Bruce R. Anderson, Jr.

Bruce AndersonBiography

Bruce is a Jacksonville Beaches native. His experience as an Assistant State Attorney and years of trial experience handling a variety of cases provide a deep foundation of knowledge and versatility to benefit his clients. Married to Donna, they have one child, Ryan. Because Ryan suffered vaccine injuries as a baby, Bruce is committed to helping other parents whose children suffered vaccine injuries. Bruce Anderson understands the traumatic effects of personal injury on a family and is committed to representing the injured as they seek justice.

Bruce Anderson, along with his legal assistants, Lauren Chaney and Cynthia White, handle a diverse array of cases ranging from automobile accidents and wrongful death to medical malpractice and pharmaceutical litigation. Regardless of the number of cases they may be working on, the team takes the time to view and treat each case as an individual. “We pride ourselves on establishing a relationship and an understanding with every client we serve,” stated Bruce. “We know our clients are going through a terrible time, and the least we can do is provide an empathetic ear and build the strongest case possible on their behalf.” Through their time together, Bruce, Lauren and Cynthia have established a strong alliance, motivated by a mutual desire to ensure the individuals they serve have a voice. “Team Anderson is dedicated to the quality of work we provide; we know that every minute spent on each case is one step closer to justice,” said Lauren. “It gives me a great sense of satisfaction to provide a personal and compassionate service on behalf of our clients in their time of need,” Cynthia added. With dual B.A.’s in psychology and anthropology and an A.S. and certification for legal assisting respectively, Lauren and Cynthia provide new and creative perspectives as they collaborate with Bruce on their cases.


Jacksonville University (B.S., with Honors and B.F.A, with Honors 1984)
University of Florida College of Law (J.D., 1988)
Omicron Delta Kappa

Professional Experience

Assistant State Attorney, Fourth Judicial Circuit, Florida 1988-1991
Private Practice 1991-2005
Terrell Hogan Ellis Yegelwel, PA 2005-Present

Member Of:

The Florida Bar 1989
Jacksonville Bar Association
Jacksonville Beaches Bar Association
Florida Justice Association
American Association for Justice

Volunteer Service

Trustee to City of Jacksonville Beach Firefighters Pension Board 2000-Present
Project S.O.S., Inc. Board of Directors 2000-2004
Volunteer Children’s Basketball Coach YMCA and Beaches Boys and Girls Club

Personal Injury

Accidents and injuries or death occur without warning or time to prepare yourself or your family members for the resulting pain, suffering and economic losses which can change your life forever. Unless you are completely at fault for the accident that caused your injuries or death, you and your family members may be entitled to compensation.

In injury cases, you may be entitled to past and future medical expenses, lost wages and income loss, fringe benefit loss, personal or household service loss, loss of consortium (damage to the marital relationship), and pain and suffering. In death cases, you may be entitled to medical and funeral expenses, loss of support by the decedent, and the emotional losses and mental anguish suffered by each family member.

Since Bruce Anderson left the State Attorney’s Office and entered private practice in 1991, he has successfully assisted many injured persons, and their family members, who have suffered personal injuries and wrongful deaths caused by the negligence or fault of others. Bruce’s cases have included automobile, truck and motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice, fall down and slip and fall accidents, construction site accidents, dog bites, bicycle and skateboard accidents, and automobile accidents caused by intoxicated persons, including persons under 21 who unlawfully purchase alcoholic beverages from stores and vendors.

Pharmaceutical Litigation

As part of the pharmaceutical team at Terrell Hogan, attorney Bruce Anderson and his assistants place a special focus on serving individuals who have been harmed by potentially dangerous and defective drugs, including Vioxx®, Celebrex®, Bextra®, and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Among their past cases, they worked with families of more than 50 individuals stricken with breast cancer as a result of HRT, and more than 30 individuals harmed by Vioxx®.

Pursing the cases of individuals harmed by Vioxx® is another side of the many faceted pharmaceutical litigation effort Bruce has handled for several years. Terrell Hogan always approached its representation of clients exposed to Vioxx® on an individual case basis. So many people across the nation were exposed to Vioxx® and suffered injuries including heart attacks, strokes, and death that Merck, the manufacturer of Vioxx®, finally came to the conclusion that it should settle with the injured and their families. Terrell Hogan is pleased that the multi-firm negotiations have resulted in a national settlement.

The law firm of Terrell Hogan also represented the interests of women who faced serious health risks including breast and ovarian cancer as a result of Hormone Replacement Therapy, taking the estrogen-based drugs Prempro®, Premphase®, and Premarin® with Provera®. Bruce worked diligently on each of these cases as the intricate legal and liability considerations were resolved in courts nationwide.

Bruce Anderson has dedicated his law practice to seeking justice for the injured. Each potential claim is evaluated on a case by case basis, giving our clients the individualized attention their injuries deserve. At Terrell Hogan, each client is part of our team, and we fight our battles together.