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Clayman adThe Florida Times-Union did a follow-up story on the status of litigation against Dr. Loren Clayman and his son, Mark, about the number of pending lawsuits against them for alleged botched breast surgeries.

The article reports that since Terrell Hogan attorney, Chris Shakib, filed three lawsuits on behalf of Dr. Clayman’s patients last year – for alleged disfigurement of their breasts and burning pain – he is working through the pre-suit process for 150 more clients who came forward with similar stories. Before the women file suit, they must request their medical records, find another plastic surgeon who agrees that the doctors’ medical treatment was bad (fell below the standard of care) and notify the Claymans that they intend to sue.

According to the article, the Clayman’s attorneys said the doctors were dedicated to providing quality medical care to all of their patients and that the allegations against them are only one side of the story.