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Anita Pryor BookAnita Pryor, a partner at Terrell Hogan, was featured in a front page article of The Daily Record for her contri­bution to the recently published book, “Reaching the Bar.”  Edited by Robin Sax, legal commen­tator on Larry King Live, it begins with the line, “This book was written by 25 amazing women who represent all the wonderful things women out there are doing in the legal profession.”

The book is a compi­lation of legal stories written by women attorneys at all stages of their careers. It features Anita’s recount of a trial where she repre­sented a merchant seaman diagnosed with a rare type of cancer called mesothe­lioma, caused by asbestos exposure. It ends with Anita saying, “As long as I can represent the victims, I’ll face off against manufac­turers who play roulette with innocent lives.”

Anita has been with Terrell Hogan for 20 years, throughout which she has repre­sented asbestos victims.  Based on her extensive experience in asbestos litigation, she was recently asked to partic­ipate in a national asbestos conference in San Francisco.  She, along with three other very experi­enced female attorneys, led a panel discussion for women attendees called, “Enhancing Business Devel­opment Skills.”

Congrat­u­la­tions to Anita on having been chosen to contribute to this important publi­cation.