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Physical abuse, neglect, unsanitary living conditions, improper hygiene, poor nutrition, substandard medical care, lack of security and improper hiring and staff supervision. These are just a few of the complaints some children at the National Deaf Academy (NDA), doing business as NDA Behavioral Health System and NDA Behavioral Health, a residential psychiatric treatment facility for […]

Wayne Hogan is glad to partner with Mayor Alvin Brown to support Waterproof Jacksonville, a citywide campaign to prevent accidental drowning by teaching children to swim. Doubling the number of lessons This year Waterproof Jacksonville will expand free swim lessons to students attending summer school at Woodland Acres Elementary as well as to 150 dependents […]

The changing legal landscape when it comes to distracted driving accidents and other legal consequences were topics Wayne Hogan addressed in a First Coast Connect show interview on WJCT 89.9 FM. Hogan said the stakes are higher for businesses whose employees cause an accident while talking, texting or using a cell phone while driving, while […]

Wayne Hogan appeared on First Coast News during Distracted Driving Awareness Month to get the message out: One text or call can wreck it all. He called distracted driving a national epidemic that’s more common than the flu. When asked which is a bigger problem, texting while driving or talking on the phone while driving, […]

Angelo Patacca was recently a guest on WJCT’s First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross to discuss motorcycle safety for Bike Week in Daytona As a motorcyclist and Florida motorcycle accident attorney, Patacca stressed the key to staying safe on the roadways  is “see and been seen”.  He said being seen is helped by wearing “high-viz” […]

Florida motorcycle accident lawyer and safety expert, Angelo Patacca, appeared on WJXT’s Morning Show to discuss safety gear that motorcyclists could use to help make them more visible – and safe – on the roadways. He said the most common accidents with motorcycles are where drivers don’t see motorcyclists and pull out in front of them at an […]

On August 29, 2012, Dominque Thomas and her two children visited the Big Air inflatable amusement center on Atlantic Boulevard for what they expected would be an afternoon of family fun.  Instead, as Dominque rode to the bottom of Big Air’s feature slide, the Ninjasaur, her left foot was caught in an uncovered opening, and […]

Wayne Hogan appeared as a guest on WJCT’s First Coast Connect to discuss Florida’s new law that prohibits  texting-while-driving.  It went into effect October 1st. The new law makes it a secondary offense to text and drive and carries a $30 fine plus court costs.  While it’s a good first step, Hogan said much more needs […]

Jacksonville Transit Authority’s (JTA’s) Making Moves show tackled an important public safety issue: distracted driving. As part of Distracted Driving Awareness Month in April, Joyce Morgan Danford encouraged drivers to put down their cell phones when behind the wheel and save lives. The piece explored several educational campaigns, including Terrell Hogan’s Distracted Driving Awareness Campaign, […]

Terrell Hogan partner and HEAL president, Alan Pickert, appeared on WJCT’s First Coast Connect to get the word out about the Zoo Walk benefitting HEAL (Healing Every Autistic Life). HEAL is a local nonprofit organi­zation that assists local families of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, a devas­tating neuro­logical and biological condition that affects 1 in 50 children […]

Carey Cooper, a 50 year-old rocket scientist and father of four, survived sleep apnea and sinus surgery on August 15, 2007, but he didn’t survive the recovery. That’s because he died from fentanyl intoxication due to a fentanyl pain patch – or the fentanyl transdermal system – that should have never been prescribed by his […]

Wayne Hogan recently appeared on Inside Jacksonville to talk about the dangers of distracted driving on our roadways. The public affairs show is hosted by Jim Byard of Renda Broadcasting.

Distracted driving is a national epidemic. It’s become  more widespread than the flu. That’s why Wayne Hogan launched the Terrell Hogan Distracted Driving Awareness Campaign for the Workforce today to move anti-distracted driving efforts into more Northeast Florida work places and help make our roadways safer. The firm created a free hour-long presentation to share with businesses […]

Bruce Maxwell, co-chair of Florida’s Children First Jacksonville (FCF) appeared on Good Morning Jacksonville on First Coast News to let the community know about the good work the organization does on behalf of area foster kids. This leading statewide child advocacy organization will honor the people and organizations who make a difference in children’s lives […]

Inadequate Drug Warnings: Two Classes of Consumers In Pliva v. Mensing, the U.S. Supreme Court determined that patients injured or killed by dangerous generic drugs have no legal recourse in those situations where the manufacturer failed to warn consumers about dangerous side effects. This is in stark contrast to consumers injured or killed by name […]

When a pedestrian walking home from church was hit from behind by a driver, apparently distracted by his cell phone, Action News Jacksonville looked to attorney Leslie A. Goller to provide her comments on whether Florida needs tougher laws against using hand-held devices while driving. Florida is only one of a handful of states that does […]

Attorney Wayne Hogan has been busy getting the message out about Ending Distracted Driving. He recently talked about the common practice – that he calls an epidemic – on First Coast News. As part of The End Distracted Driving Student Awareness Initiative, he is trying to save lives by giving presentations to local teens, sharing the stark […]

Although it is true that other areas of the Florida seem to have an excessive number of drivers who fail to carry bodily injury liability insurance, the Jacksonville area has its share of uninsured and underinsured driver when it comes to liability insurance. That represents a real danger on the road. It’s bad enough to […]

With traffic crashes now the number one cause of death among teens, and over 5,000 lives lost each year to distracted driving, including texting, cell phone calls, gps, and social media, this negligent behavior needs to be stopped in its tracks; it has become an epidemic. This is very concerning; 46% of teenage drivers are […]