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The Florida Department of Health’s website reports that our state loses more children under 5 to drowning than any other state. “Annually, in Florida, enough children to fill three or four classrooms drown and do not live to see their fifth birthday.” With the common goal of promoting the importance of learn-to-swim and water safety, our […]

Two years ago I appeared on WJCT’s First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross to alert drivers about rental cars with open recalls and used cars that are sold with open recalls to unsuspecting consumers. I’m pleased to share that I recently returned to First Coast Connect to report that because of the tenacious efforts of a mother’s […]

Vehicle recalls are so common consumers are becoming immune to them. Vehicles with exploding airbags, defective transmissions, ineffective seatbelts and keyless ignitions have been in the news lately. In 2015, 51 million vehicles were recalled.  New cars can’t be sold with recalls and you can’t rent a vehicle or buy a rental vehicle with open […]

Continuing years of commitment to the First Baptist Church of Oakland’s back to school event, “Youth Explosion,” Attorney Wayne Hogan of Terrell Hogan personal injury and wrongful death law firm, ensured that thousands of young people would be equipped for their school year. “From day one, every child should have the tools they need to start […]

Lawsuit charges dealership with misrepresentation and fraud for not revealing car was damaged, in a wreck. There’s nothing like the feeling of driving a new car. One family learned a hard lesson when they discovered the new car they bought was riddled with damage from a wreck that the dealership failed to disclose to them. […]

As summer ends and kids prepare to head back to school, let’s make back-to-school safety our priority. Crossing guards protect the safety of children who walk or bicycle to school. For them, it’s important that drivers be conscious of their surroundings. Crossing guards do their best to make sure the kids are crossing the street […]

After several major data security breaches from cyber-thieves at Target, Home Depot, eBay and other large retailers, consumers need to be more vigilant than ever in protecting themselves from being victimized. Consumer credit card information is like gold to cyber-thieves and when 70 million Target customers’ information is compromised, the damages add up. Retailers must […]

Pokémon GO,” the new reality mobile game, is exploding with users since its inception. Pokémon GO makes people get outside and walk around, and although exercise is good, there are also important safety factors with this game. Players have been injured while using the app, not only when using while driving, but also when walking, […]

Matt Sowell and Fadi Chakour, M.D. appeared on First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross to bring attention to Medical Malpractice Awareness Month. They talked about the third leading cause of death in America: medical errors, following heart disease and cancer. Dr. Chakour discussed what went wrong in Joan River’s case. It grabbed national headlines when the […]

By Matt Sowell and Fadi Chakour, M.D. People are often shocked to learn that medical errors are the third cause of death in America, following heart disease and cancer. According to a recent published study, between 210,000- 440,000 patients may die each year in American hospitals because of medical errors. This study and others teach us […]