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Mar 13, 2005 | Rita Rubin | USA TODAY Salvatore Ruggiero was puzzled.Over a three-year period, the jaws of dozens of patients who had undergone oral surgery at his hospital had failed to heal properly. Part of the jawbone had died and become exposed.We never saw this before in the jaw except in patients who […]

(06/02/06)The New York Times By GINA KOLATA Published: June 2, 2006 In the last 10 years, millions of patients have taken a class of drugs that can prevent agonizing broken and deteriorating bones. The drugs once seemed perfectly safe and have transformed life for patients with cancer or osteoporosis. But recently there have been reports […]

(05/02/06)It is important for dentists to be aware that while on treatment, invasive dental procedures should be avoided if at all possible. Dentists should be made aware of a patient’s medical history, current medications and any treatments (current or past) using intravenous bisphosphonates because of their long half-life (period of time that the drugs stay […]

“Did you ever notice when you blow in a dog’s face he gets mad at you? But when you take him in a car he sticks his head out the window!” -Steve Bluestone Although dogs share our homes, dogs are still animals and not humans. While they often make wonderful family pets, they can also […]

(05/02/06)The most commonly prescribed brands of bisphosphonates include:– Fosamax manufactured by Merck– Aredia and Zometa manufactured by Novartis– Actonel and Didronel manufactured by Proctor & Gambel– Boniva manufactured by Roche Laboratories– Skelid (generic name is tiludronate) manufactured by Sanofi Winthrop Industries– Bonefos manufactured by Schering  

In pharmacology, bisphosphonates is a class of drugs that inhibits the resorption of bone, which is the organic process in which the body breaks down and reabsorbs the bone.Its uses include the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, osteitis deformans (“Paget’s disease of bone”), bone metastasis, multiple myeloma and other conditions that feature bone fragility.Stronger forms […]

1. Always report the crash to the police. Always report the crash, even if you don’t think you are hurt or your bike has been damaged. If you are in a crash with a motor vehicle where there are personal injuries or damage to property that exceeds $500, Florida law requires you to report the […]

A Jacksonville city tree protection amendment was upheld in the First District Court of Appeals Monday, September 26, 2005, with the assistance and support of Jim Terrell and Wayne Hogan. The amendment gives local land developers the option of not destroying protected trees, replacing trees either on the property or elsewhere or, as a last […]

Nell Johns was loved by many: her husband of more than 46 years, her two children, her grandchildren and much of her Waycross, Georgia community. Tragically, her life was cut short when she was exposed to deadly chemical fumes due to the negligence of another, resulting in her death. On January 10, 2001, a contractor […]

Dedicated and tenacious or devoted and unyielding — whichever words you choose, they fit Brown Terrell Hogan attorneyLeslie Goller in her quest to protect residents of Jacksonville from toxic pollution and invasive odors. More than 13 years ago, while a solo practitioner, Leslie first became involved in an effort to prevent St. Vincent’s Hospital from […]