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Holding Manufacturers ResponsibleProducts liability law involves injuries from defective or unsafe products. A product is defective when it contains a manufacturing flaw, a design defect, or an inadequate warning. A manufacturing flaw occurs when a mistake in the manufacturing process causes the product to fail to operate as the consumer expected. A product can also […]

Terrell, Hogan, Ellis, McClamma and Yegelwel represented Faunce Mac McCully for injuries he sustained when a driver pulled out in front of his motorcycle. Mac suffered several broken bones and underwent two surgeries requiring the use of hardware to correct the fractures. However, like a surprising number of drivers on the road, the at-fault driver […]

Rollover crashes kill 10,000 people each year, accounting for one-third of all occupant deaths in vehicle crashes. Many deaths and injuries that stem from rollover crashes occur when the roofs of vehicles crush in, killing or paralyzing the occupants of the vehicles. In many cases when the roof crushes, the windows of the vehicle crush […]

Oral surgeons have described ONJ as a condition in which the bone tissue fails to heal (osteo/bone and necrosis/death) after dental trauma, including tooth extractions, oral surgery and other common dental procedures.ONJ can cause chronic pain, dysfunction and disfigurement. Though current treatments involve long-term antibiotics therapy and surgical removal of the dead bone, there is […]

While trying to quantify the exact number of people potentially affected is difficult, Fosamax alone is taken by nearly 10 million men and women.- Since 2001, more than 2,400 patients taking bisphosphonates have reported jaw bone death. Most of these reports came from people who took potent, intravenously delivered versions of these drugs – An […]

Bisphosphonates have been linked to several side effects. The most common from bisphosphonates taken orally are upset stomach and erosion of the esophagus, and in fewer circumstances are believed to be linked to Osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ) also referred to as dead jaw. Victims generally develop severe abscesses around the mouth, painful toothaches and […]

Due to the favorable climate and terrain, many Floridians use bicycles as a source of recreation and enjoyment. However, bicyclists should be aware of traffic conditions where they are required to ride on the roadway.Bicycle riders less than age (16) must wear a safety helmet and bicycles on the roadway have most of the same […]

Mar 13, 2005 | Rita Rubin | USA TODAY Salvatore Ruggiero was puzzled.Over a three-year period, the jaws of dozens of patients who had undergone oral surgery at his hospital had failed to heal properly. Part of the jawbone had died and become exposed.We never saw this before in the jaw except in patients who […]

(06/02/06)The New York Times By GINA KOLATA Published: June 2, 2006 In the last 10 years, millions of patients have taken a class of drugs that can prevent agonizing broken and deteriorating bones. The drugs once seemed perfectly safe and have transformed life for patients with cancer or osteoporosis. But recently there have been reports […]

(05/02/06)It is important for dentists to be aware that while on treatment, invasive dental procedures should be avoided if at all possible. Dentists should be made aware of a patient’s medical history, current medications and any treatments (current or past) using intravenous bisphosphonates because of their long half-life (period of time that the drugs stay […]