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Buckle Up, America. Every Trip. Every Time. Seat Belts Save Lives Regular seat belt use is the single most effective way to protect people and reduce fatal­ities in motor vehicle crashes. Research has shown that when lap/shoulder belts are used properly, the risk of fatal injury to front seat passengers is reduced by 45 percent, […]

Medtronic Media Contacts: Martha Goldberg Aronson, Investor Relations, 763–505‑2694 Rob Clark, Public Relations, 763–505‑2635 MINNEAPOLIS ?October 15, 2007 ? Medtronic, Inc. (NYSE:MDT) said today that it has volun­tarily suspended worldwide distri­b­ution of the Sprint Fidelis

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 15, 2007 Media Inquiries:Karen Riley 301–827‑6242 Consumer Inquiries: 888-INFO-FDA

The law firm of Terrell Hogan repre­sents the interests of women who may face serious health risks as a result of Hormone Replacement Therapy, taking the estrogen-based drugs Prempro

MedWatch — The FDA Safety Infor­mation and Adverse Event Reporting Program FDA issued an early commu­ni­cation about the ongoing review of new safety data regarding the associ­ation of atrial fibril­lation with the use of bispho­s­pho­nates. Bispho­s­pho­nates are a class of drugs used primarily to increase bone mass and reduce the risk for fracture in patients […]

Wayne Hogan, of Jacksonville consumer attorneys, Terrell Hogan, talks with Dave Garison, regional tobacco prevention coordi­nator for Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT), at the organization’s booth at the St. Johns County Fair.  Hogan, one of 11 trial attorneys involved in Florida’s landmark suit that produced a $17 billion settlement against the cigarette industry, sponsored the […]

Due to the flurry of recent lawsuits and constant stigma surrounding Big Tobacco, cigarette companies have recently launched their own media campaigns to deter the youth of America from picking up the addictive habit. But critics are specu­lating whether this anti-smoking initiative was genuine—or just another clever adver­tising stunt to hook a new gener­ation of […]

By Natalie White Shortly after a Florida jury hit Ford Motor Co. with a $12.9 million verdict, paraplegic Tami Martin said she would give half her award back if the automobile company agrees to forgo an appeal and start warning people not to use reclining seats while driving. Ford rejected the offer, saying it will […]

On December 7, 2005, the life of Christine Olson was changed forever. Christine´s daughter Tiffiany Olson was involved in a traffic crash on U.S. 19 in Manatee County, Florida. Tiffiany received fatal injuries when the motor­cycle she was a passenger on collided with another vehicle. Mrs. Olson was not notified of Tiffiany’s passing for several […]

With the tremendous growth in population and commerce experi­enced in Florida has come a signif­icant growth in the amount of commercial traffic on our roadways. With this increased traffic comes the increased risk of accidents involving trucks and other commercial vehicles. Besides the physical pain and injuries, property loss, costly repairs and potential loss of […]