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In recog­nition of Fire Prevention Week, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the U.S. Fire Admin­is­tration are providing new statistics on fires in American homes and urging consumers to install smoke alarms in their homes and check to make sure all smoke alarms are working properly. It is also vitally important to develop and […]

Inade­quate Drug Warnings: Two Classes of Consumers In Pliva v. Mensing, the U.S. Supreme Court deter­mined that patients injured or killed by dangerous generic drugs have no legal recourse in those situa­tions where the manufac­turer failed to warn consumers about dangerous side effects. This is in stark contrast to consumers injured or killed by name […]

Recently, NBC News reported on a 2011 CPSC report about tipping furniture causing child deaths.  We would like to share that article with you here as well as our article from last year with helpful sugges­tions on making your home safe. September 30, 2011 A child is killed once every two weeks, tens of thousands […]

The Florida Bar Law Related Education Committee recog­nized Wayne Hogan as “Volunteer of the Year” and Circuit Judge Karen Cole as the “Jurist of the Year” for their work with the Justice Teaching Program. Cole, Hogan earn Justice Teaching Honors  Justice Teaching Honors

When a pedes­trian walking home from church was hit from behind by a driver, appar­ently distracted by his cell phone, Action News Jacksonville looked to attorney Leslie A. Goller to provide her comments on whether Florida needs tougher laws against using hand-held devices while driving. Florida is only one of a handful of states that does […]

Glaxo­SmithKline has paid the largest healthcare fraud settlement in recent history.  It agreed to pay $3 billion to conclude the Justice Department’s inves­ti­gation.  The deal requires them to plead guilty to three counts and pay a $1 billion criminal penalty, plus another $2 billion to wrap up civil claims. One reason the settlement is so […]

A study done by the University of Zurich in the the journal Heart were based on data from almost 24,000 men and women in Germany aged 35 to 64 who were tracked for an average of 11 years as part of a European cancer and nutrition project.  The study of those who regularly took calcium supple­ments […]

A recent study has caused the FDA to warn that Zithromax antibiotic made by Pfizer Inc. may cause a “small increase” in the risk of cardio­vas­cular death compared with another common antibiotic. The study states that the antibiotic which is used to treat infec­tions, caused a “small absolute increase in cardio­vas­cular deaths” among patients, partic­u­larly […]

Smoke obscuring visibility on Florida roads has been a life-threat­ening problem for decades. This has become all the more dangerous on I-10, I-75 and I-95 and other high speed limited access highways and becomes worse at night and in the cooler Florida months when low-lying fog is so common. Multiple Causes. Although forest and brush […]

In June, 2011 we alerted consumers that when they purchase a used car it may have outstanding recall notices making it defective, and that consumers could easily find themselves stuck with a dangerous, defective car. A recent study by Carfax found that in 2011 almost 3 million — that’s  3 million! — of the used […]