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The FDA is inves­ti­gating deaths and hospi­tal­iza­tions of people who used energy drinks. Many of those who use energy drinks on a regular basis are teens and adoles­cents. Consuming the drinks over a long period of time can cause danger to your liver, kidneys, and heart. For the FDA’s warning notice click here.

It’s the time of year when many will decorate their homes with Christmas lights. As you prepare to string lights on your roof and landscape, and put up your tree, you may want to consider these safety tips: • Before you put up your lights, be sure to check each of them for cracked cords, […]

By Wayne Hogan and Albert Lechner When your loved one has decided on a nursing home, please beware of something you will surely encounter during the admis­sions process: a mandatory arbitration clause in the paperwork that strips away your loved one’s rights to a jury trial if he or she becomes injured and wants to pursue justice. This […]

What is Bariatric Surgery? Thousands of people are now electing to pursue surgical options to help them lose weight. Bariatric surgery refers to a number of surgical proce­dures that perma­nently change the gastroin­testinal tract by making it smaller or shorter so that fewer calories are absorbed and the patient consumes less food resulting in weight […]

By Wayne Hogan and Albert Lechner Having to select a nursing home for a loved is one must be one of the most challenging and difficult decisions we can face. This article offers some consid­er­a­tions and resources to help you inves­tigate and choose a nursing home that’s right for your loved one. Getting Started: Unannounced Visit Compare the […]

By Wayne Hogan and Albert Lechner Bedsores Pressure ulcers, more commonly known as bedsores, most often happen to nursing home residents and even patients in a hospital setting. Bedsores are injuries to the skin and under­lying tissues that result from prolonged pressure on the skin. With very rare excep­tions, they are completely avoidable and unfor­tu­nately happen to our […]

By: Wayne Hogan and Leslie Goller The news is not good. Starting January 1, 2013, mandatory PIP insurance of $10,000.00 will pay $7,500.00 LESS in Florida for most motor vehicle accident medical claims than it did in 2012. Below are some highlights of the new PIP law: 14 Days “Use it or Lose it” — If you do not […]

The National Highway Traffic Safety Admin­is­tration (NHTSA) is warning consumers that approx­i­mately three million vehicles that have undergone repairs after a serious crash could have counterfeit air bags in them. NHTSA estimates that counterfeit air bags are unknow­ingly in use in American automo­biles. Testing on the air bags has consis­tently shown that the counterfeit air […]

In recog­nition of Fire Prevention Week, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the U.S. Fire Admin­is­tration are providing new statistics on fires in American homes and urging consumers to install smoke alarms in their homes and check to make sure all smoke alarms are working properly. It is also vitally important to develop and […]

Inade­quate Drug Warnings: Two Classes of Consumers In Pliva v. Mensing, the U.S. Supreme Court deter­mined that patients injured or killed by dangerous generic drugs have no legal recourse in those situa­tions where the manufac­turer failed to warn consumers about dangerous side effects. This is in stark contrast to consumers injured or killed by name […]