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The National Highway Traffic Safety Admin­is­tration (“NHTSA”) announced its new rule that by May 1, 2018, all new motor vehicles, including buses and trucks, weighing less than 10,000 pounds must have rear visibility technology that expands the driver’s field of view, backup cameras. The purpose of this new rule is safety enhancement, intended to signif­i­cantly reduce the risk of fatal­ities and serious injuries caused by backover accidents. On average, there are 210 fatal­ities and 15,000 injuries caused by backover accidents per year. NHTSA has found that children under 5 years old account for 31% percent of backover fatal­ities each year, while adults 70 years of age and older account for 26%.

NHTSA’s announcement is available here , as is a link to the final rule itself.

NHTSA also offers these important safety tips to help prevent death and injuries, especially those involving small children.

At Terrell Hogan, protecting families from unforeseen accidents and personal injury is what we do.  Auto accidents in Jacksonville occur every day and can range from minor incon­ve­niences to colli­sions resulting in major injury and death. We want to help make sure that if you or your loved ones are involved in an automobile accident your rights are protected.