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Alan Pickert has been selected to be the Chair of the YMCA Yates Gift Giving Campaign for 2015. “I am honored and humbled by their selection of me to follow a long line of distin­guished past Chairs,” said Mr. Pickert. “The YMCA is a wonderful non profit organi­zation that touches so many lives on the […]

By Wayne Hogan and Leslie Goller They are colorful and they look just like candy or toys. Laundry pods or dishwashing detergent pods that look like toys or candy have been ingested by children and can make them horribly sick.  As of today, almost 10,000 children age 5 and younger ingested these pods, according to the […]

Following up on a previous article about 13 children who were injured on an inflatable side, ABC News reports more incidents involving children being injured from inflatables recently. The first of these incidents took place in New Hampshire and involved a two-year-old and a three-year-old were injured when an inflatable bouncy house was caught by […]

Two new AAA studies again prove that voice-only command systems (hands-free), whether in the smart phone or the car itself, cause drivers to be distracted. The studies’ author, Professor David Strayer of the University of Utah, has conducted previous research on distracted driving. These studies focused on how distracted drivers get using voice commands. The […]

Another incident involving an inflatable slide demon­strates how dangerous they can be when improperly maintained. The video from Shanghai, China starts out happily, with children climbing up and sliding down a giant inflatable slide. Then, a gust of wind catches the slide, and 30 children are suddenly trapped as it overturns! As a result of […]

Consumer advocate reporter, Ken Amaro, recently contacted Terrell Hogan attorney Leslie A. Goller, who handles consumer law cases, to comment regarding what Florida law is in regards to car purchases. She advised it is important to always read a contract or purchase agreement before signing it. She also advised that many are under the mistaken […]

In the U.S., generic drugs dominate our medicine cabinets. Indeed, 80% all prescriptions written are filled with generic versions of the brand name drugs prescribed, which saves Americans more than $200 billion annually. But there are no guaranties that generics are as safe or effective as their name brand counterparts. By law, generics are required […]

Recently I appeared on WJCT’s First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross to alert drivers to a big loophole in consumer safety: unrepaired rental cars and used cars that are recalled but not repaired before being rented or sold to unsus­pecting consumers. With recalls grabbing the headlines every week over the past couple of years — […]

Earlier this month, Dominque Thomas, who suffered a complex ankle fracture that required surgery, reached confi­dential settlements with Big Air inflatable amusement center and Ninja Jump, the manufacture of the Ninjasaur inflatable double slide. The settlements were the result of a lawsuit filed after Dominque’s left foot was caught in an uncovered opening at the […]

Physical abuse, neglect, unsanitary living conditions, improper hygiene, poor nutrition, substandard medical care, lack of security and improper hiring and staff super­vision. These are just a few of the complaints some children at the National Deaf Academy (NDA), doing business as NDA Behavioral Health System and NDA Behavioral Health, a residential psychiatric treatment facility for […]

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