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Justin Silver, a St. Augustine High School senior and aspiring chemist, is the 2015 recipient of the W. Douglas Hartley Schol­arship. The announcement was made during a special awards ceremony for St. Augustine High School seniors. Justin will attend Florida State University this fall, where he’ll pursue a degree in the field of chemistry. The […]

By Leslie Jean-Bart Once again, zero crossing guards or students were injured during the 2014–2015 school year. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office’s 22nd Annual School Crossing Guard and Volunteer Appre­ciation Luncheon was held on May 27, 2015, to let these unsung heroes know how much they are appre­ciated.  Hundreds of crossing guards and many JSO officers […]

By Fadi Chakour Wrong-site surgeries include surgery on the wrong side or site of the body, on the wrong patient and/or performing the wrong surgery. It’s the No. 1 safety concern for 65 percent of operating room nurses (Medline national survey). It happens up to 40 times a week in the U.S. (Joint Commission Center […]

Terrell Hogan attorney, Leslie Goller, was the guest speaker at the Women Business Owners of North Florida’s (WBO) May meeting. Goller addressed the danger and risk of distracted driving. Her message: we have only one job behind the wheel, drive safely; our brains are not meant to multi-task. Calls can kill Goller acknowledged many business owners and busy […]

We appreciate our campaign to end distracted driving having been noted in the Journal of the Florida Justice Association.  Our goal is for everyone to understand the deadly dangers of driving while talking (even with a hands-free device) and texting; to realize that one text or call can wreck it all.  Once they see the […]

Florida Atlantic University professor, Dr. Daniel Raviv has developed a software app that can disable a cellphone from sending and receiving text messages when it’s in a vehicle moving. It only disables the phone is in the driver’s seat, not if it’s carried by a passenger. While stopping drivers from texting is important, it is […]

Mayor Alvin Brown announced at a press conference on Thursday that Waterproof Jacksonville is expanding the number of swim lessons for youth this summer, thanks to a generous donation by attorney Wayne Hogan and commitments from other program partners for donations and in-kind services. 1,800 Swim Lessons More than 1,800 kids will learn how to […]

By Albert Lechner and Wayne Hogan At Terrell Hogan we fight for justice just as hard whether the case is big or small in the eyes of the insurance company on the other side. While we represent many clients, for each individual client their case is their only case. Since it’s important to them, it’s important […]

Currently, the mainstay treatment to open arteries in the brain that have become clogged by a blood clot is the clot busting medicine TPA (tissue plasminogen activator). TPA has proven to be very effective in reestab­lishing blood flow through clogged arteries if given shortly after the onset of the stroke in accordance with strict protocols. […]

Motorcycle crashes – they happen every day in the State of Florida and in Jacksonville. The injuries are often serious. You protect yourself from accidents and injuries with motorcycle and personal safety gear, and you need to protect yourself – finan­cially — with insurance. Insurance required by law According to Florida’s “Financial Respon­si­bility” law, a motorcyclist […]

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