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Most consumers are unaware of arbitration clauses that are buried in agreements or contracts that they must enter into with entities such as a cell phone company, a bank, a cable company, an internet service provider, a gym, or even when they go to a doctor or hospital or take a new job. These clauses […]

Recently, while waiting to talk about a worrisome but necessary topic, dangerous toys, with Melissa Ross on First Coast Connect, the new WJCT “green” room was brightened by the presence of an every Thursday guest, the ever-friendly, and funny, Kerry Speckman. While waiting for my segment on Trouble in Toyland and the need for shoppers […]

By: Leslie Goller and Wayne Hogan They have become all the rage: e-cigarettes, e-hookahs, hookah pens, and vaping or vape pens. But what are they really? Nicotine delivery devices for those addicted to tradi­tional cigarettes and hope to wean themselves from their addiction or young adults attracted to the fad of “Vaping” and have fallen victim […]

By: Leslie Goller and Wayne Hogan The Holidays are here and while celebrating, please take time for the safety of those you hold dear. 1.  Not all toys are safe. Please check out our article on dangerous toys. 2.  When decorating, please remember that two Holiday plants are poisonous to cats, dogs and even children. Mistletoe is […]

Incor­porated in 1977, the Society is a non-profit organi­zation with more than 800 members committed to helping Floridians learn the importance of a strong, fair and impartial judiciary in our govern­mental balance of power. It works to save and maintain for future gener­ations the records of the people and events that have shaped the evolution […]

The first thing everyone should think about when choosing toys for children is safety. Dangerous toys for kids are ones that contain small parts which present a choking hazard for children younger than 3. A toy is too small if it fits into a choke test cylinder which has an interior diameter of 1.25 inches […]

Alan Pickert has been selected to be the Chair of the YMCA Yates Gift Giving Campaign for 2015. “I am honored and humbled by their selection of me to follow a long line of distin­guished past Chairs,” said Mr. Pickert. “The YMCA is a wonderful non profit organi­zation that touches so many lives on the […]

By Wayne Hogan and Leslie Goller They are colorful and they look just like candy or toys. Laundry pods or dishwashing detergent pods that look like toys or candy have been ingested by children and can make them horribly sick.  As of today, almost 10,000 children age 5 and younger ingested these pods, according to the […]

Following up on a previous article about 13 children who were injured on an inflatable side, ABC News reports more incidents involving children being injured from inflatables recently. The first of these incidents took place in New Hampshire and involved a two-year-old and a three-year-old were injured when an inflatable bouncy house was caught by […]

Two new AAA studies again prove that voice-only command systems (hands-free), whether in the smart phone or the car itself, cause drivers to be distracted. The studies’ author, Professor David Strayer of the University of Utah, has conducted previous research on distracted driving. These studies focused on how distracted drivers get using voice commands. The […]

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