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Organi­zation Honors Florida Law Enforcement Officers Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) educates the public, changes laws and saves lives. That’s why we at Terrell Hogan were proud to again sponsor MADD Northeast Florida’s Recog­nition Dinner in June. MADD honored more than 40 law enforcement officers, prose­cutors and volunteers who support MADD’s mission of drunk driving prevention, enforcement […]

According to the National Highway Trans­portation Safety Admin­is­tration, it announced a settlement with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles on Sunday for failing to repair vehicles with safety defects stemming from 23 recalls affecting 11 million vehicles. Under the terms of the consent order, the automaker agreed to pay a record $105 million fine, submit to rigorous federal […]

Primary Stroke Centers may not be good enough anymore Intro­duction We have now repre­sented numerous stroke patients and no matter how large a recovery is obtained in their lawsuits, no one has ever said that having the stroke was worth it. Universally every client has said that they would gladly give all of the money […]

The Food and Drug Admin­is­tration has issued new, stronger warnings about the risk of heart attack and stroke from over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs “NSAIDs,” including pain relievers ibuprofen and naproxen. The over-the-counter painkillers included in the FDA’s new warning include Aleve (naproxen), Motrin or Advil (ibuprofen) which are normally used to treat things like pain, […]

Injuries can happen in places and ways you’d never expect. The Terrell Hogan personal injury and wrongful death law firm has been digging out the facts and showing them to juries for more than 40 years. In law, as in journalism, finding “who, what, when, where and why” is critical in finding the truth. Terrell […]

Terrell Hogan Yegelwel partner, Evan J. Yegelwel, received the Lawyer to Legacy 2015 EAGLE Legend Award this year by the Florida Justice Association. Congrat­u­lations to Evan for this important recog­nition. The Florida Justice Association each year honors prominent attorneys in the state of Florida who have distin­guished themselves in service and generosity to EAGLE. The […]

Last Friday, a Michigan oncologist who, for several years, poisoned and unnec­es­sarily prescribed chemotherapy to over 550 of his patients, some of whom resul­tantly died, was finally sentenced to 45 years in prison. Dr. Farid Fata, 50, sobbed in court before sentencing and said that he misused his talents and permitted this “sin” to enter […]

Terrell Hogan attorney Matthew Sowell recently earned board certi­fi­cation in civil trial law from The Florida Bar. Less than 2 percent of Florida lawyers are board certified in civil trial. According to The Florida Bar, board certi­fi­cation recognizes attorneys’ special knowledge, skills and profi­ciency in various areas of law and profes­sionalism and ethics in practice. Certification […]

Hospitals today bombard their media markets with announcements of its accred­i­tations, awards, and honors. This reflects the economic reality that hospitals, like any other business, have to compete for their customers.  Some of these awards are legitimate, while others are pure sales fluff.  There are so many awards that even the most knowl­edgeable healthcare consumer […]

Distracted driving is an epidemic that steals lives. The dangers of texting and driving are well documented, but talking on the phone – even with hands-free  devices – is an insidious danger that many assume is safe. However, you could lose your life or take someone else’s if your brain is miles away on a call. […]

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