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Support Public Broadcasting

Every day, WJCT offers the people of The First Coast the oppor­tunity to explore new ideas and new worlds through television and online content.

Each month, WJCT reaches more than 650,000 television house­holds and offers online video on demand to our community, inviting them to experience the worlds of science, history, nature and public affairs. Teachers of children from pre-K through 12th grade turn to WJCT for digital content and services that help bring classroom lessons to life.

WJCT’s premier children’s TV programming and outreach programs like Ready to Learn are parents’ and teachers’ most trusted source in inspiring and nurturing curiosity and love of learning in children. Yet only 6% of our viewers support WJCT finan­cially.  That’s 8% lower than the national average for all PBS stations.

WJCT needs you now more than ever. Please take the time to support WJCT  TODAY.….you can click here to help support WJCT or mail your contri­bution to: 100 Festival Park Ave Jacksonville, Florida 32202